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Whether manually or mechanically – we send print mailings safely on their way.

The lettershop practically brings print mailing to life. The highest standards when it comes to flexibility, quality, cost optimisation and adherence to schedules are now the top focus. As specialists for personalisation, further processing and packaging, we have every step of production in sight. Because craft needs to be learned. And that’s what we do for your print mailing – step by step:

Post management

Optimising the postage of print mailings is a Tronn service that pays off! We know all the tips and tricks to optimise the postage of your print mailing to the very last penny.
Our specialists for postal and postage optimisation advise you comprehensively on the most cost-effective current postal service providers and postage costs.


Even before the addressee of your print mailing reads your message, they will hold the envelope in which your message is sent in their hands. The envelope is probably the most underestimated part of your shipment. Because already the envelope makes a first impact, visually and in terms of content, and sends the first signals in support of your communication goal by means of the over-print, material and processing. Whether low-cost or premium-quality, elegant or extravagant, Tronn will be happy to show you the many ways in which the envelope can enhance the effect of your message.

Data transfer

Reliable, confidential and secure. Thanks to our upload service, print data, signatures, documents and addresses, etc., arrive to us safely and directly.

Our special and convenient data privacy feature offers you security. Of course, it is also possible to transfer your data by email. This should only be done in encrypted form.

The data to be processed is prepared and optimised for the further steps during a correction and text adjustment cycle.
The data can be provided in the formats Word, PDF, Excel, Access, DBF or ASCII.

Address management

Thanks to professional processing of the addresses for the print mailing, we ensure better quality and thus increase the success of your print mailing while at the same time optimising costs.

Mailings cost a lot of time and money. So it is all the more disappointing if vast numbers of returns negate your hopes of a quick success. With our modern address optimisation modules, we ensure efficient dispatch of your mailings. Among other things, we check your addresses for completeness and eliminate duplicates.
It is possible to individually adapt your address data, such as generating the personal salutation based on the first name, generating the letter salutation, or separating the postal code and place name.

Printing and production

Using state-of-the-art technology, we print your mailing products in full colour in a cost-effective and efficient manner, even in short runs and as cover letters or inserts. Whether its an invoice, personalised promotional leaflet, flyer, folder or bulk letter – your matter will reach your customers in a way that appeals to them individually in attractive colours. From the content of your mailing right through to the envelope, you will receive the colour print directly from us, digital and offset – and in no time at all.


Individual salutation, personalised mailings, QR code integration, changing pictures or signatures. We offer countless technical possibilities.

Personalised mailings are a must. Modern laser printing technology makes it possible to optimally integrate a name and address within a print mailing at any time, and to use this to psychologically reinforce your advertising. By using different fonts or text modules, your mailing is given a sophisticated and professional layout.

Bulk letters that use individual salutations and variable elements in colour and black and white are just as much a part of our range of services as the addressing postcards, envelopes and self-mailers – regardless of which supporting material is to be used.


From personally addressed promotional letters to mailshots with one or more inserts, from the self-mailer to special formats, we implement every idea.

Through the use of modern inserting and folding machines, you get fast, professional and cost-effective processing. This achieves cost savings for you of over 50%. Our machine park processes formats from C6 to C4, including individual feeding of inserts.


If a postal print mailing consists of several personalised components, cross-checking is absolutely vital so as to avoid embarrassing mistakes. At Tronn, photomechanical cross-checking is possible, where a camera checks the code on every piece of printed matter. If coding using numbers or a barcode is not desired or the layout of the inserts does not allow for this, we are happy to perform a manual cross-check.

Postal delivery

Your shipment will be delivered by us reliably and on schedule to a shipping centre – for example, Deutsche Post – and will reach your addressee at the desired time.


Through consolidation, Tronn generates additional savings potential for your postage costs. Discounted delivery of your fully paid shipments is possible starting from a minimum of 200 letters. We take care of the franking as well as the required pre-sorting and bundling of your mail. You receive so-called partial service discounts for this in the form of a proportionate credit on the postage. Your shipments will be delivered in line with the usual quality standards and with the same delivery times as for fully paid letters by Deutsche Post AG.



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